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        Temple Shelter

        Temple Shelter
        Originally designed by Sir John Belcher, the Temple Shelter stands some 100 metres south of the Ashton Memorial. The Temple lost its perimeter columns and roof many years ago. The restoration of the Temple took place between 1998 and 1999 as part of the Urban Parks Heritage Lottery Project in Williamson Park The Waterfall
        Cascading from the craggy heights formed in this one-time quarry, the tumbling waterfall complements the nearby, more formal, Lake and Fountain. Sit a while in this tranquil oasis and enjoy yet another of the Park’s beautiful features. Flower Gardens
        All around the Park you will find amidst the lanscaped lawns spectacular flower beds, regularly maintained to reflect the changing seasons and providing a palette of nature’s colours from which to draw inspiration and calm.
        The Dell, a natural amphitheatre is the setting for many outdoor concerts during the year.