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        The Lancaster Sundial

        The Lancaster Sundial

        Originally the site of a copper-domed oak Bandstand, built in 1907 but now transformed into the Lancaster Sundial. The observer becomes the gnomon, standing on the centre of the plinth and telling the time by casting their own shadow on a series of bronze panels, sponsored by companies representing the diverse trades and professions of the area and designed by pupils of Ripley St. Thomas School.

        The Lancaster Sundial was made possible by the generous support of the following local companies:

        Acordis Cellulosic Polymers
        Alan Dick Engineering Ltd
        Atkinsons of Lancaster
        British Energy
        E. Lynch and Sons
        Gleeson Homes, Northern Region
        Heckford Advertising
        Maysand, Masonry & Building Conservation Specialist
        Moll Industries
        Ratcliffe & Bibby, Solicitors
        Reebok (UK) Ltd
        St. Martins College, Lancaster
        The Bay 96.9 FM
        Whitewalls Restaurant