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        Williamson Park, (location map)
        Lancaster LA1 1UX.
        Tel. (01524) 33318 Fax: 01524 848338

        email: office@williamsonpark.com

        Forthcoming Events 2002

        Art Exhibitions in the Williamson Gallery

        A Time to Change
        24th March -12th May 2002
        Paintings by N. Greig
        Breezin’ It
        26th May -14th July 2002
        Paintings by Dave French
        Interesting Corners
        4th August – 15th September 2002
        Paintings by Norma Wheatley
        Of People and Ordinary Things
        29th September – 17th November
        Paintings by Isabelle Davey
        Chas Jacobs
        23rd – 24th November
        Two day exhibition including children’s workshop 12.30 – 3.30pm
        Special Events in Williamson Park

        Easter 2002
        Weekend Vigil at the Cross near the Sundial, all welcome to join in and meditate on the meaning of the Cross
        Good Friday 29th March 7.30pm Interdenominational outdoor service
        Easter Day Service Sunday 3st March 7am Outdoor service to celebrate Easter Day and the Resurrection of Christ
        British Sprint Orienteering Chanpionships
        20th April 2002
        St George’s Day Parade – The Lonsdale and District Scout Association St George’s Day Parade and Service in the Dell. Parade begins 2.00pm
        Shaun Callon – Falconer – 12th May falconry display in the Park -Free Event.
        Jubilee Event: Charity Duck Race
        3rd June 2002, Round Table Event
        We are sorry but this event is CANCELLED
        Jubilee Event: Grand Teddy Bears’ Picnic
        4th June 2002, with The Bay (radio station)
        Shaun Callon – Falconer – 23rd June falconry display in the Park -Free Event.
        Shaun Callon – Falconer – 17th July falconry display in the Park -Free Event.
        Roses Run
        21st July 2002, Vintage Vehicles
        Shaun Callon – Falconer – 7th August falconry display in the Park -Free Event.
        Shaun Callon – Falconer – 15th September falconry display in the Park -Free Event.
        Performances in Williamson Park

        Now is the Month of Maying – 19th May 7.30pm in the Ashton Memorial. Lancaster Community Music Centre Senior Choir, Conductor Jude Glendinning. Tickets available from the Pavilion Shop
        Summer Music – The Lancaster Singers
        16th June 2002, Conductor Denis Mc Caldin
        Matthew Nisbet – Classical Guitar 27th June
        Concert commences 7.30pm Tickets £7 Adults £5 Concessions
        The Dukes Open-air Production
        Annual Promenade Play – Fandango – a new play with music, comedy and dance,
        4th July – 10th August, Tickets and enquiries 01524 66645
        Brass Bands in The Park, commencing at 2.30pm
        21st July, Red Rose Youth Band
        28th July, Slaidburn Brass Band
        4th August, Preston Concert Band
        11th August, City of Lancaster Brass Band
        Williamson Park Ltd presents:

        Shakespeare in the Park
        14th & 15th August Romeo and Juliet
        Heartbreak productions – £10 Adults £8 Concessions
        16th August A Midsummer Night’s Dream
        17th August, Twelfth Night
        Chapterhouse Theatre Company – £10 Adults £8 Concessions
        All performances begin at 7.30pm – The Dell has a
        seating capacity of 500, no additional seating is required
        Exemption Dog Show
        1st September, 10am – 5.00pm
        Christmas 2002

        Carols in the Ashton Memorial –
        December 2002
        16th The St Laurence Singers
        17th The Lancaster Singers – ‘Pastime In Good Company’ Tickets £6.00
        18th The Choir of the Priory Church, Lancaster
        19th The Rushley Singers
        Father Christmas Grotto
        14th/15th & 21st/22nd December